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Classic Shanghai ‘Siu Long Bao’

Shanghai Broad Beans(v)

Sugar Glazed Red Dace with Glutinous Fillings(v)

Chilled ‘Crystal’ Pumpkins(v)

Chilled Marinated Shanghai Asparagus(v)

Edamame Beans with Zhouzhuang Pickles(v)

Shanghai Marinated Tofu (v)

Chilled Classic Shanghai Smoked Fish

Spicy Jelly-fish

Marinated Cuttlefish Slices

Crispy Mini Yellow Croaker

Seafood Roll with Cheese & Crispy Coatings

Fresh Crabmeat & Foie Gras Toast

Honeyed Lobster Tail

Marinated Pork Shank Slices

Classic Spare Ribs Shanghai Style

Five-marinated Beef Shin Slices

Preserved Lamb Slices & Jelly

Minced Lamb Roll

Boiled Chicken Slices in Chilli Oil

Boned ‘Drunken’ Chicken

Marinated Duck Slices in Shanghai Style

Chilled Nanjing Sautéed Duck


Spinach & Pumpkin Soup(v)

Cantonese Soup of the Day

Shanghai Pork Belly & Bamboo Shoot Soup

Tomato, Vegetables & Beef Soup

Seafood Hot and Sour Soup

Avocado & Lobster Soup


Pan-grilled Diver-caught Scallop with Foie Gras

Madagascar Jumbo Prawn

wasabi Dressings
with black truffle dressings
steamed with vermicelli & garlic

Chilean Sea Bass

steamed with preserved vegetables
pan-grilled with foie gras

Pan-grilled Lamb Rack

Braised Sea Cucumber in Abalone Sauce

Fresh Abalone Shanghai Sticky Rice Cake

Pan-grilled Wagyu Beef Slices

Braised Supreme Abalone

10 heads
20 heads


Classic Barbecued Peking Duck

Roasted Farmed Pigeon

Five-marinated Spring Chicken


Fresh Canadian Lobster

wok-braised with ginger & spring onions
dry-fried with egg yolk
in supreme soup
oven-baked with butter & cheese
steamed with Chinese wine


Fresh Canadian Large Crab

wok-braised with ginger & spring onions

dry-fried with egg yolk

oven-baked with butter & cheese

steamed with Chinese wine

tofu pot



Fresh Turbot

steamed with ginger & spring onions
steamed with mushroom & shredded pork on lotus leaf
steamed with yuan-yan chilli
Sichuan hot chilli soup
braised in Shanghai

Steamed Fresh Sea Bass w Ginger & Spring Onions

Fried Sea Bass Shanghai Style
Sweet & Sour Sea Bass with Pine Nuts
Filleted Dover Sole in Two-ways 

Braised Hairtail Rainbow Fish

Braised Pomfret

Braised Small Yellow Croaker with Tofu


Fresh Clams

wok-braised with ginger & spring onions
black bean sauce
egg pancake
chilli oil


Pan-grilled Fresh Scallop with Thai Spicy Dressings

Stir-fried Scallops & Cuttlefish with Broccoli

Grilled Scallops on Stuffed Chilli with Prawn Paste

Sautéed King Prawns in Sichuan Sweet Spicy Sauce

Sautéed King Prawns in XO Sauce

Long-jin’ Tea Shrimps served with tea ceremony set

Goddess-of-mercy’ Tea-Infused King Prawns in Basket

Stir-fried Whelk Slices in XO Sauce

Stir-fried Razor Clam Slices & Jelly Fish

Assorted Seafood in Thai Spicy Soup Stock

Fresh Crabmeat with Fish Maws



Diced Fillet Steak with Black Pepper Sauce

Wagyu Beef Slices Wrapped in Red Wine Sauce

Diced Wagyu Beef in Foie Gras Sauce


Minced Lamb Kebab with Oka (each)

Stir-fried Lamb Slices w Cumin Seeds & Chilli


Shanghai ‘Lion’s Heads’ Pork Meat Balls

Classic Sweet and Sour Pork

Pan-grilled Shanghai Egg Dumplings in Soup

Braised Belly Pork in Red Vinegar Sauce

Shanghai Bamboo Shoots with Marinated Pork

Braised Trotter in Shanghai Style


Three Marinades’ Chicken with Sweet Basil

Sichuan Dry-fried Chilli Chicken

Chilled Boned Chicken with Whelk Slices

Baked Chicken Pieces with Curry & Pastry

Cantonese Chicken & Sea Cucumber Hot Pot


Beancurd Slices(v)

Shanghai Classic potato, egg & carrot

Braised Silky Tofu with Enoki Mushrooms

Braised Silky Soft Tofu in Abalone Sauce


Braised Wild Rice Stem(v)

Braised Taro with Preserved Vegetables(v)

Asparagus with Yam Shoots(v)

Steamed Aubergine with Red & Green Chilli(v)

Seasonal Chinese Greens

choice of the followings

baby pak-choi, Chinese broccoli, pea sprouts or choi-sum

Green Beans with Minced Pork & Chilli

vegetarian option also available(v)

‘Morning Glory’ w Melted Preserved Beancurd(v)

Baby Spinach in Supreme Soup Stock

Black Truffle with Assorted Mushrooms(v)


Pan-grilled Shanghai Bun with Minced Pork

Shanghai Meat & Vegetable Wonton

Classic Shanghai Dumplings

Shanghai Sticky Rice Cakes

with choice of:

Chinese leaf & shredded pork

baby spinach & shredded pork

Shanghai ‘Choi’ Fried Rice

Steamed Lotus Leaf Fried Rice

Fried Rice with Spinach Juice(v)

Black Truffle & Asparagus Rice in Stone Bowl(v)

Abalone Fried Rice

Noodles with Spring Onions & Soya Sauce(v)

Vegetables Shanghai Noodles(v)