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Summer Special News Letter

Champagne Dim Sum Set Menu
Embraces ancient Chinese traditions with menu highlights such as fresh mushroom, black truffle & goji, crabmeat with balsamic pearl dumpling, lobster soup dumpling, mooli croissant. The menu is accompanied by a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne.


£25.00 per person
Monday to Friday 12:00-16:00
A glass of NV Brut Laurent Perrier Champagne
Choose three of the following dim sum selections
Fresh Mushroom, Black Truffle & Goji(v)
Pumpkins, Mooli & Pine nut(v)
Lobster Soup Dumpings
Scallop & Sea Bass
Crabmeat with Balsamic Pearl
Chicken, Black Truffle ‘Shiumai’
Mooli Croissant(v)
Seafood with Fresh Mango
Almond & Prawn
Iberian Pork ‘Guotie’ Dumpings
Venison Puff
Short rib Puff

Al fresco dinning


New Shanghai Dishes

Three Treasures Shanghai Style (扣三丝)
is one of the famous dish in Shanghai. It has a savory taste, made of ham,bamboo shoot and mushroom, called Shanghai cuisine treasures. Is of malnutrition and anemia cuisine election conditioning.

照片 4

Dry Scallops with Egg White(瑶柱赛螃蟹)
A specialty dish from Han Dynasty, taste delicious like fresh crab, nutritious, fit all ages, main ingredient is scallop and egg white.



Today, eat crayfish in summer has swept the whole China. Of course, have different approach, whatever the approach, eat crayfish certainly are not willing to miss. We will offer it only for a month.